About Us

Our online store is glad to offer you fresh flowers with delivery in Minsk and Minsk region. The main goal of our discount store is to offer the customer high-quality service, fresh flowers at competitive prices.

Our differences from our competitors:

  • Good support in English (for quick communication, write via WhatsApp);
  • Free delivery in Minsk (if delivery outside Minsk, the cost of 1km - 0.5USD).
  • Direct contact with the recipient of delivery (if you do not know the address or a convenient time for delivery - we will learn it from the recipient for you).
  • Filling our storefront is based on the convenience of choice (before adding a bouquet, we always think how convenient it will be for the user).
  • We think about your money (and in case of disputable situations, we are ready to meet you)
  • Any suggestions for improving the site you can send to support@cvetochka.by.

P.S. If you need to deliver something that is not in our catalog, contact our support, perhaps we can do it quickly. 

Our warehouse address: улица Николая Дрозда 25 А, Minsk, Belarus.

Actual contact numbers, phones, email and addresses available on Contact Us page. All reviews available at https://goo.gl/maps/V9VSqEa3LEbHzTyH7