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Yellow Spray Chrysanthemum
from $25.00 (80.25 byn)
Feeling Green Spray Chrysanthemum
from $26.00 (83.46 byn)
Red Spray Chrysanthemum (design)
from $28.50 (91.49 byn)
Yellow Spray Chrysanthemum (design)
from $28.50 (91.49 byn)
White Spray Chrysanthemum (design)
from $28.50 (91.49 byn)
Chrysanthemum Antonov
from $33.50 (107.54 byn)
Chrysanthemum Topiary #2
from $33.90 (108.82 byn)
Chrysanthemum Topiary #1
from $33.90 (108.82 byn)
Purple Spray Chrysanthemum (design)
from $37.10 (119.09 byn)
Pink Spray Chrysanthemum (design)
from $37.10 (119.09 byn)
Bouquet The Dawn (design)
from $49.00 (157.29 byn)
11 Red Spray Chrysanthemum (design)
from $54.30 (174.30 byn)
17 Chrysanthemum Antonov (design)
from $109.00 (349.89 byn)
27 Red Spray Chrysanthemum (design)
from $123.10 (395.15 byn)
Rainbow Spray Chrysanthemum Rainbow Spray Chrysanthemum OUT OF STOCK
Rainbow Spray Chrysanthemum
from $33.60 (107.86 byn)
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Buy bouquets of chrysanths with delivery in Minsk (Belarus)

The chrysanthemum is a popular flower that symbolizes trust, friendship and respect. This is the shortest way to describe this flower. Chrysanthemums are given when they want to wish prosperity, success and financial well-being. That is why the chrysanthemum is traditionally depicted on the coins and the state emblem of Japan, and one of the country's highest awards is the Order of the Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums are often used not only in composite bouquets, but also as a mono-bouquet. In the catalog of our online store you will find many beautiful varieties of chrysanthemums at cheap prices, which will serve as a wonderful basis for any of your gifts

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If you want to congratulate your beloved, mother, grandmother or someone else - send flowers with delivery in Minsk! Among the wide assortment of the store, you can easily select the desired color, shape, shade of flowers at an affordable cost. We have done everything necessary to make it convenient and safe for you to use our website. Fresh chrysanths will not leave anyone indifferent. Therefore, giving flowers is the only right decision for those who want to give attention, a smile and pleasant memories

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