Valentine's Day Flowers & Gifts Collection

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Yellow Spray Chrysanthemum
from $25.00 (80.25 byn)
Roses Penny Lane
from $25.60 (82.18 byn)
Feeling Green Spray Chrysanthemum
from $26.00 (83.46 byn)
Rose Tacazzi
from $26.60 (85.39 byn)
Roses Red Naomi
from $26.90 (86.35 byn)
Roses White Naomi
from $26.90 (86.35 byn)
White Spray Chrysanthemum (design)
from $28.50 (91.49 byn)
Pink Carnation (design)
from $29.05 (93.25 byn)
Teddy Bear White 45/85cm
$29.90 (95.98 byn)
Roses Red Naomi (design)
from $30.40 (97.58 byn)
Roses White Naomi (design)
from $30.40 (97.58 byn)
Red & White Naomi Roses Mix
from $30.50 (97.91 byn)
Chrysanthemum Antonov
from $33.50 (107.54 byn)
Spray Rose Fireworks
from $35.70 (114.60 byn)
Purple Spray Chrysanthemum (design)
from $37.10 (119.09 byn)

Express Your Love with Our Valentine's Day Flowers

This Valentine's Day, show your love with our stunning bouquet of flowers. Our expert florists have carefully crafted this arrangement with the freshest and most beautiful blooms available in Minsk. With a combination of tulips, roses, crysanths, and other seasonal flowers, our arrangements is sure to impress your loved one

Convenient Online Ordering from Another Country

Are you currently living abroad but still want to send flowers to your loved one in Minsk for Valentine's Day? You're on the right track! Our online ordering process is simple and straightforward. Just select the bouquet you want and provide us with the recipient's address. We'll take care of the rest, ensuring that your Valentine's Day gift arrives on time and in perfect condition

Make Valentine's Day Extra Special with Our Add-On Gifts

Looking to add something extra to your Valentine's Day gift? We have a variety of add-on gifts that are sure to make your loved one feel special. Choose from a selection of chocolates, teddy bears, balloons, and more. You can even add a personalized message to make the gift even more memorable