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Heart Bouquet 151 Red/White Naomi Roses (design) Heart Bouquet 151 Red/White Naomi Roses (design) -25% OFF
Heart Bouquet 151 Red/White Naomi Roses (design)
$294.00 (943.74 byn) $390.00 (1 251.90 byn)
301 White Naomi Rose #1 (basket) 301 White Naomi Rose #1 (basket) -5% OFF
301 White Naomi Rose #1 (basket)
$379.00 (1 216.59 byn) $399.00 (1 280.79 byn)
Sweets Raffaelo 150gr Sweets Raffaelo 150gr OUT OF STOCK
Sweets Raffaelo 150gr
$9.00 (28.89 byn)
Roses Pink Floyd Roses Pink Floyd OUT OF STOCK
Roses Pink Floyd
from $24.30 (78.00 byn)
Roses Jumilia Roses Jumilia OUT OF STOCK
Roses Jumilia
from $24.30 (78.00 byn)
Roses Jumilia (design) Roses Jumilia (design) OUT OF STOCK
Roses Jumilia (design)
from $27.80 (89.24 byn)
White Tulip White Tulip OUT OF STOCK
White Tulip
from $33.50 (107.54 byn)
Red Tulip Red Tulip OUT OF STOCK
Red Tulip
from $33.50 (107.54 byn)
Purple Tulips (design) Purple Tulips (design) OUT OF STOCK
Purple Tulips (design)
from $37.00 (118.77 byn)
Pink Peony Tulip Pink Peony Tulip OUT OF STOCK
Pink Peony Tulip
from $39.50 (126.80 byn)
Perfume Candle Shem - Wood (egg) Perfume Candle Shem - Wood (egg) New OUT OF STOCK
Perfume Candle Shem - Wood (egg)
from $43.00 (138.03 byn)
Roses Explorer 100cm Roses Explorer 100cm OUT OF STOCK
Roses Explorer 100cm
from $71.90 (230.80 byn)
Giant Teddy Bear White 100/180cm Giant Teddy Bear White 100/180cm -17% OFF OUT OF STOCK
Giant Teddy Bear White 100/180cm
$79.00 (253.59 byn) $95.00 (304.95 byn)
51 Pink Peony Tulips (design) 51 Pink Peony Tulips (design) -18% OFF OUT OF STOCK
51 Pink Peony Tulips (design)
$89.99 (288.87 byn) $109.90 (352.78 byn)

Perfect Flowers for Any Occasion

Looking for the perfect flowers to celebrate a special occasion? Take a look at our collection of stunning blooms, hand-picked for their beauty and elegance. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or just want to brighten someone's day, our selection of flowers is sure to impress. From classic roses to colorful tulips, our arrangements are designed to convey your heartfelt sentiments

Convenient and Fast Delivery in Minsk

Not only do we offer an impressive selection of flowers for every occasion, but we also provide convenient delivery services throughout Minsk. Regardless of who you send the bouquet to, our team of expert florists will ensure that your gift arrives fresh and on time. We understand the importance of timely delivery, which is why we take great care in handling and transporting your flowers

Quality and Service Available from Anywhere in the World

At our shop, we take pride in providing our customers with unmatched quality and service. Our florists are experts in their craft, and they take great care in selecting and arranging each bloom to perfection. Whether you're looking for a simple bouquet or an elaborate arrangement, we'll work with you to create the perfect design. We also offer a range of additional services, including gift wrapping and personalized messages, to make your gift extra special