Send Tulips Bouquet to Minsk (Belarus)

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Yellow Tulip Yellow Tulip OUT OF STOCK
Yellow Tulip
from $33.50 (107.54 byn)
White Tulip White Tulip OUT OF STOCK
White Tulip
from $33.50 (107.54 byn)
Red Tulip Red Tulip OUT OF STOCK
Red Tulip
from $33.50 (107.54 byn)
Purple Tulip Purple Tulip OUT OF STOCK
Purple Tulip
from $33.50 (107.54 byn)
Pink Tulip Pink Tulip OUT OF STOCK
Pink Tulip
from $33.50 (107.54 byn)
Yellow Tulips (design) Yellow Tulips (design) OUT OF STOCK
Yellow Tulips (design)
from $37.00 (118.77 byn)
White Tulips (design) White Tulips (design) OUT OF STOCK
White Tulips (design)
from $37.00 (118.77 byn)
Red Tulips (design) Red Tulips (design) OUT OF STOCK
Red Tulips (design)
from $37.00 (118.77 byn)
Raspberry Tulips (design) Raspberry Tulips (design) OUT OF STOCK
Raspberry Tulips (design)
from $37.00 (118.77 byn)
Purple Tulips (design) Purple Tulips (design) OUT OF STOCK
Purple Tulips (design)
from $37.00 (118.77 byn)
Pink Tulips (design) Pink Tulips (design) OUT OF STOCK
Pink Tulips (design)
from $37.00 (118.77 byn)
Pink Peony Tulip Pink Peony Tulip OUT OF STOCK
Pink Peony Tulip
from $39.50 (126.80 byn)
31 Tulips Mix (design) 31 Tulips Mix (design) -14% OFF OUT OF STOCK
31 Tulips Mix (design)
$59.90 (192.28 byn) $69.90 (224.38 byn)
35 White Tulips (design) 35 White Tulips (design) OUT OF STOCK
35 White Tulips (design)
$64.00 (205.44 byn)
51 Red Tulips 51 Red Tulips -8% OFF OUT OF STOCK
51 Red Tulips
$74.90 (240.43 byn) $81.00 (260.01 byn)
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Tulips have a long and interesting history. They originated in Central Asia and were brought to Turkey in the 16th century. From there, they spread throughout Europe, eventually becoming a symbol of the Dutch culture. In fact, the Netherlands is the largest producer of tulips in the world. During the 17th century, tulip mania swept through Holland, causing the prices of tulips to skyrocket and eventually crash, leading to one of the first recorded speculative bubbles

Tulips Delivery in Minsk

Are you looking for a way to send a thoughtful gift to someone special in Minsk, Belarus? Consider sending tulips! Tulips are a beautiful and meaningful way to express your feelings and show someone you care. In this article, we will discuss the history of tulips, the best time to send them to Minsk, popular varieties, and how to send tulips to Minsk. We'll also explore the benefits of sending tulips and offer some tips to make your gift even more special

Belarusians love tulips, and they are a popular flower for weddings, 8 march, and other special occasions. The best time to send tulips to Minsk is in the spring, when they are in season and readily available. Some of the most popular tulip colors are red, white, pink and yellow

How to send tulips to Minsk

You can do it with our local Minsk flower delivery service. You just need to choose the favorite bouquet or composition, enter the contact information, address and phone number of the recipient and the rest we will do for you. We will create for you an individual bouquet of tulips and deliver it with a smile on your face.